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Moving Beyond Traditional Outsourcing

The rapidly evolving accounting landscape calls for a new generation of talent. Amidst an increasing departure of accounting professionals and a decline in those choosing accounting as a career path, the need for skilled professionals is surging.

Outsourcing get a fresh look - Scrubbed

Outsourcing gets a fresh look by Gani Laguisma

Outsourcing has evolved from replacing in-house staff with contract workers to a strategic approach that supplements in-house teams and fills hard-to-find roles. It’s viewed as a way to achieve business objectives and gain a competitive advantage.

Offshore Accounting to help with labor shortage - Scrubbed

Is an Offshore Accounting Team the Solution to Your Accounting Labor Shortage?

Nearly three years post-pandemic, the Great Resignation that fueled a mass exodus of talent from US companies may feel like a distant memory. And continued talk of a recession might create the impression that hiring is set for a slowdown. But in reality, countless organizations across a wide range of industries are still struggling to hire qualified employees. The accounting field in particular is feeling the pinch.