8 Essential Online Tools for Entrepreneurs


Being an entrepreneur comes with some serious rewards. You get to be your own boss, tackle work the way you want to on any given day, and enjoy more freedom than people working in the 9-to-5 rat race.

Of course, being an entrepreneur also comes with some challenges. You have to stay on top of everything, stick to a schedule without getting distracted, and you wear many more hats than folks working in typical office jobs.

Yes, if you want to be anything like America's most successful entrepreneurs, you've got to stay focused and productive, which can be challenging with so many cat videos and hilarious memes out there in cyberspace.

But even though the Internet is notorious for providing the world with a ton of distractions, it also offers some great resources for increased productivity, solutions to problems with staying organized, and many other great online tools for businesses.

Let's take a look at 8 online tools that will make your entrepreneurial life easier...

Essential Online Tools for Business

We've created this handy guide to the best online business tools just for you! This will give you more time to spend on growing your company and less spent figuring out which tools are worth the effort.

1. Google Docs

If you're working with a team of professionals to build your business, making sure everyone has access to the same info is crucial. This is especially true if your employees are working remotely.

Google Docs has some serious benefits for entrepreneurs, including cloud storage for documents. You can also customize your privacy settings and add comments directly into documents for other team members.

2. Dropbox

Looking for a place to keep all of your important projects? With Dropbox, you can store images and documents safely online. You can also share them with your team members and Dropbox can easily be integrated with other apps via plugins.

Dropbox is available for download on computers or smart devices. You can access your files from anywhere! And the service offers both free and paid versions to fit any storage needs.

3. Asana

If you're looking to manage projects more effectively, Asana is a must have. It helps you keep every stage of work organized and flowing efficiently. Asana allows you to schedule tasks to team members and actively converse with your employees.

With Asana, you can turn comments on a project into actual tasks, giving you a chance to make work out of conversations. You can immediately see what's already been done and what needs to be tackled next. And all of this is without having to schedule a single staff meeting!

4. Slack

Speaking of having conversations with your team, you can take things a step further with the chat app called Slack. It's not only beautifully designed, but it also helps everyone on your team stay up to date on the latest project info. And they don't have to fumble with their cell phones, thanks to full-scale app integration.

Slack works by creating different "chat channels" for each of your needs. So, you could have a channel for conversations about web design, one that's dedicated to marketing copy and content, etc.

This chat app also allows you to quickly share files with teammates and search for messages or notifications. Everything is synced and archived automatically, making finding the info you need a matter of just a few keystrokes.

5. Xero

If your goal is to stay on top of your bottom line, your best bet is to work with a dedicated financial partner that uses stellar accounting technology to keep your books in order.

Xero is a secure cloud-based accounting software that is used by top-of-the-line accounting firms to manage your finances. It helps you save time and money by streamlining your accounting systems, making Xero one of the most important online tools in this guide.

6. Boomerang

Want to stop being distracted by emails and start getting some real work done? You need Boomerang to take control of your inbox! This online business tool helps battle distraction by archiving your emails as they come in and then reminding you about them at a later time.

This helps you to focus on your to-do list without missing out on any important communications. You can also use Boomerang to compose an email and then schedule it to be sent whenever you want. Just tell the app when you want the message sent and Boomerang takes care of the rest.

Boomerang will also remind you about emails you haven't heard back about and keep them from slipping between the cracks. This helps you to stay on top of your email follow-up game and not lose any business!

7. Trello

Looking for a free project management tool to help you stay organized? Trello helps you to create boards where you can store lists and file to-do cards for your most important tasks.

Once you've created a card, you can add comments or checklists to stay on top of any project. You can also upload images or files, giving you a bird's-eye view of all that has to be done. This makes Trello a very handy and visually pleasing tool for all of your project management needs.

8. Typeform

If you want to gather customer feedback or send surveys for any other reason, Typeform has your back with their free survey tool. Creating professional looking forms can go a long way to actually getting a response from your customers!

Typeform helps you craft beautiful and clear surveys that are mobile-friendly, which will go a long way toward getting the valuable feedback you're looking for from clients.

Even More Help for Your Business

Now that you know just how online tools can help entrepreneurs achieve success and stay in the black, why stop there? Let us give you even more help!

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