Looking for a New Accountant? Here are 7 Qualities a Good Accountant Should Have

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Did you know that around 53 percent of small businesses don't have an accountant?

And yet, over 80 percent of them fail within the first 18 months. Therefore, it's safe to say that poor management of the company finances is one of the most common reasons for failure.

However, knowing you need an accountant is not the same as knowing the qualities of a good accountant. In this article, we'll reveal what makes a good accountant. Here we go! 

1. Client Focused

Having an understanding of the client's requirements and goals allows the accountant to offer the best advice. Not only is being good with numbers essential. But also, an accountant has to have outstanding people skills.

The top accountants show a willingness to educate themselves about the client's industry. This way they can provide helpful guidance regarding the rules and measures suitable for each client. 

2. Effective Communicator

Accounting concepts and complex numbers aren't always easy for clients to get their head around.

A good accountant is capable of effectively communicating complicated ideas and figures to the client in a manner which can understand.

Clients don't want to be left hanging all the time. Effective communication also requires regular contact with clients to keep them up to date and informed. 

3. Adaptable to Circumstances

An accountant needs to be able to cope with change and succeed in a wide range of environments and settings. Things can change at a rapid rate and the accountant needs to be able to adapt the face of new challenges. 

Accountants who are capable to adapt to the technological changes across different industries are extremely valuable to organizations.

4. Strong Values 

In addition to a grasp of the numbers, accountants need to have strong values and integrity to develop trust with clients. 

Clients need to know that confidential information remains private and laws and regulations are followed accordingly. 

5. An Eye for Detail

Even minor mistakes in accounts can have significant consequences for a business.

Therefore, accountants need to demonstrate an eye for detail to ensure the figures are accurate. 

6. Creative Thinking

While accountants don't always have a reputation for creativity. The ability to overcome financial challenges with innovative and fresh thinking is highly prized by clients. 

The ever-changing nature of the field requires a curious and adventurous attitude with regard to learning. 

7. Organization and Reliability 

Accountants need to be reliable and organized since they are expected to meet deadlines and provide strategic decision-making support for clients. 

Accountancy can be a demanding occupation in which the organization plays a central role in ensuring efficiency and delivering results. 

What are the Qualities of a Good Accountant?

Now you know the qualities of a good accountant, you can determine whether you require any of the above capabilities in your business. 

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