Help small businesses get cloud accounting right the first time with Xero Migration

First impressions matter. That’s why it’s so important to give small businesses the right help when they’re getting set up for cloud accounting – or switching to a new software – for the first time. Advisors and their clients know that in a small business, there’s no time to waste on re-doing something that could have been done right the first time. Small businesses want advisors who can give them a seamless, easy set-up on Xero, so they can get running straight away.

That’s why we’re introducing a new Xero certification, migration. It’s designed to showcase your skills at helping small business clients get set up properly on Xero, and to assure them that you can guide them through these key steps.

Xero migration sits alongside the Xero advisor and Xero payroll certifications. It’s another tool to help you promote your practice’s all-round Xero expertise. Furthermore getting the certification also counts towards your Xero Champion status.

Three steps to make the most of the Migration certification

1. Become certified as a Xero migration specialist

Head over to Xero U and complete the migration certification course online, for free. Any member of your practice can get migration-certified. Additionally the course consists of small bite-sized modules, so you can complete it at your convenience. There may also be a classroom workshop available in your region – check out the details online.

The topics covered include vital information like the best ways to segment your existing clients and convert them to Xero, as well as common pitfalls and how to avoid them.

You’ll also learn best practice techniques for setting up new client organisations, training your staff members and improving your current client onboarding.

Migration certification will be available soon in these regions:

  • United Kingdom –  October 2017
  • Australia and United States – November 2017
  • NZ – December 2017
  • Other regions – available in 2018.

Get started on migration certification

2. Showcase your skills to attract new clients

Promote your practice’s special skills in Xero migration on your website, email signature and on social media. The Xero advisor directory will showcase your status, putting a spotlight on your practice in front of thousands of small business owners searching for an expert accountant, bookkeeper or advisor.

Find out more about how to set up your advisor directory listing, and some tips and tricks to attract more leads.

3. Become a Xero champion

Your new Xero migration certification will help your practice achieve Xero Champion status. It will also give you a higher ranking in the Xero Advisor Directory search results.  There are now three Xero certifications you can earn to be eligible for champion status – advisor, payroll and migration certifications. If you’re a bronze partner you’ll need two certifications, and if you’re silver or above, you’ll need three.

Find out more about Xero champion criteria and rewards, and each type of certification.

Xero migration certification is also a valuable tool for your marketing toolbox. It shows small businesses exactly how you can help their business succeed right from the start of your relationship. Jump in and get started today.

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