How MarketInvoice & Xero are helping Health iQ save lives

Health iQ was set up by Jilani Gulam in 2011 to help patients and save lives across the UK through data analytics.

Jilani and his team use vast quantities of complex data, to provide life-saving insights in therapy areas such as diabetes and oncology. As a result, they can deliver diagnosis rates much more efficiently than the norm. It also means they can save money for NHS providers and make the evidence case for earlier drug interventions, often improving life expectancy.

Using its Simulation Platform, Health iQ can model real life health scenarios and allow for the measurement and comparing of changes to healthcare settings before a single penny is invested. Health iQ was recently recognised at the PM Society Digital Awards for its work in using data to diagnose children with a rare condition. It’s also known as the market leader in diagnosing rare and ultra-rare conditions.

How MarketInvoice and Xero are helping

The business has gone from strength to strength. In 2016, Christopher Clark was brought on board as CFO. He’s a huge advocate of alternative and digital finance solutions and as such, he turned to MarketInvoice and Xero to bring cash forward in a simple, flexible way.

Health iQ is growing at such a fast rate, so it needed its accounting, bookkeeping and invoicing to match that growth and not buckle under the pressure.

The intuitive nature of our Xero platform, as well as our rich ecosystem, meant that Christopher and his team no longer had to do time intensive bookkeeping. And, through the integration with MarketInvoice, he is able to access working capital really easily.

This takes away the pain of operational worries and gives Health iQ the confidence that funds can be easily accessed and that the business can run smoothly. It’s given Jilani the time to grow the business and develop new products without having to think about cash coming in.

The future’s bright

Health iQ will continue to grow, as it helps more and more healthcare organisations save lives. Soon, it will launch a feature that allows pharmaceutical companies to assess the best course of treatment for patients. Pretty exciting stuff! Rather than taking three months to make this assessment it will only take a matter of days.

If you’re keen to find out more about MarketInvoice, you can find out more here

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