Introducing the latest additions to our app marketplace

In Xero’s app marketplace you can find 600 plus beautiful software solutions that connect with Xero, to help run your entire business. From reporting to invoicing, say hello to the exciting newcomers to our app marketplace.


ClicData Available: Everywhere Clicdata is a powerful, easy-to-use business intelligence and data visualisation reporting tool. With ClicData you can create and distribute dashboards that display Xero data the way you want it. Use these apps together for an end-to-end accounting and reporting solution. You can extend your reporting beyond Xero by adding your spreadsheets, CRM and eCommerce data in one place and you will have a full view of how your business is doing.

MAUS Business Systems Available: Everywhere MAUS Business Systems offers one of the largest range of business management tools in one integrated platform to help you build success. It provides a small business financial analysis audit software tool for performing a comprehensive financial health audit on your business. The audit takes minutes rather than hours, to improve your revenue, profit, and cashflow.

Monty – Reporting Available: New Zealand Monty helps New Zealand schools using Xero to handle budgets and reporting quickly and easily using established models. Email reports to budget holders in one step. Easy as. Monty utilises the online power of Xero, but with easy budget entry and reporting, including the Kiwi Park model. Full chart budget entry is available and once Xero codes are mapped, management reporting is quick.

Yaguara – Reporting Available: US Yaguara empowers business growth through collaborative planning, goal setting, data visualization, and a powerful recommendation engine. The Xero integration with Yaguara helps organizations drive team performance at the company, department, and individual level in a collaborative platform. Organizations can aggregate their data from several different sources including Xero. Then they can create context around that data by setting goals, benchmarks, and budgets and assigning them to team members.

Financial services

Finstro Available: Australia Finstro is a complete cashflow management system that helps you take control and grow your business with confidence. Finstro can pay your supplier invoices (allowing you to pay in weekly installments), run credit checks on new customers in seconds, fund slow paying debtors and access cash to help grow your business. Link your Xero data to Finstro and take back control of your business.

Bills and Expenses

ZaharaAvailable: Australia, Ireland; New Zealand, Singapore, UK and US Who’s spending your money? Get control of your buying with Zahara. From purchase requests to invoice approvals, Zahara is designed for those organisations that want to approve spend before it’s made. Staff can submit requisitions and have them easily approved with purchase orders being sent onto suppliers automatically. They can then receipt their purchases making it much easier for accounts to know what’s delivered and what can be paid. You can even send your bills out for approval before posting them into Xero.

Xero HQ

Boma Marketing Available: Everywhere Boma takes care of your marketing and advertising campaigns while you take care of your business. Engage with your audience using personalised email, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn campaigns, all in a single platform. Boma tracks all the behaviours connected to your campaign. It also builds accurate audience profiles – so you know who exactly your customers are.

Practice Manager

The Gap Available: New Zealand and Australia The Gap is a web-based portal that enables accounting firms to deliver a wide range of business development services to their clients. With The Gap you can: market, sell and deliver systemised business development services to clients. Additionally you can build proposals and plans effortlessly, and expand revenues beyond compliance. The Gap’s business development portal provides end-to-end systemised services that your clients will love and you can monetise.

Smart WorkpapersAvailable: Australia This is an Excel-based workpapers product with seamless Xero integration. For accountants who want to manage workpapers in Excel and have customer data in Xero, Smart Workpapers by Business Fitness saves time by importing the trial balance directly and provides templated workpapers to ensure data accuracy.

Invoicing and Jobs

iBodyShop Available: Australia iBodyShop is a cloud-based estimating and Bodyshop management system. The iBodyShop Xero Integration allows invoices generated in iBodyShop to be exported to your Xero Organisation automatically and immediately.

Debtor Tracking

Judgeit Available: Australia Judgeit removes the hassle and makes your small liquidated claims simple and easy. Xero stores all of your aged invoices. These are made available in Judgeit with the click of a button. Once you choose an aged invoice, pre-fill your survey with Xero data to make filing a claim quick and easy.

Apps already in our marketplace that are now even better:

Report Amigo engages stakeholders with automated, interactive financial reports – and they have just added some great new features, including:

  • The following new reports: Aged Payables, Aged Receivables, Bank Statement and Budget Summary.
  • Report options to allow for further customisation where appropriate, including Tracking Categories filtering and Cash-basis reporting.
  • Report Previews. You can now preview reports directly from Report Amigo while creating new schedules.

Check out this blog on Medium from ReportAmigo to found out more.

Visit our app marketplace to find time-saving apps that connect to Xero, to help run your business.

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