Xero Roadshow Asia 2018: Asia’s most innovative accounting conference yet

Xero Roadshow Asia is coming to you in Hong Kong on 23 January 2018 and Singapore on 26 January 2018. Every year, Xero Roadshow brings together the region’s most innovative accountants and bookkeepers to learn about latest developments in accounting technology, and what it means to be an progressive accountant.

The theme for this year’s Roadshow is: The Future is Now. We all know that change is upon us. But the pace of change has transcended so quickly; it’s not 10, or 5 years away – it’s now.

Come to our Roadshow to learn how to drive your practice forward into the future of accounting, and make the new way of working a reality. In Xero Roadshow 2018:

Learn the latest Xero announcements, and newest features in your Xero toolbox

Every Xero Roadshow opens with exciting news and updates for Asia in 2018 and beyond. You’ll be the first to hear the about the latest news, announcements, and partnerships that will transform the way you run your practice. You’ll also discover the latest Xero features that will help to boost efficiency and profitability. Plus, you’ll get an exclusive preview of upcoming Xero features and resources that will benefit your practice and business.

Hear the voice of small business

When we surveyed small businesses in Singapore, we found that while they were the least confident in managing their business (38%), only 26% use external accountants. In digging deeper, we found that these small business owners were turning to other sources for help and advice (business consultants, bank managers, and ICT consultants). Could accountants do much better in positioning themselves as technological experts and strategic advisors? Yes!

Your clients’ needs are evolving quickly – do you know what what it takes to attract, retain, and engage them in 2018? Hear the voice of small businesses in Xero Roadshow 2018, and apply a client-focused approach to win new business in the new year.

Discover the latest trends and technology that will help your practice soar

At Xerocon Melbourne 2017, we announced a suite of practice apps to help fuel your practice, as well as new products and features that will change the way you work with your clients. Join us as we deep dive into Xero HQ and see our newest developments in our partner products and tools in action. You’ll also get to meet our best add-ons for Asia and learn how they add to you and your clients’ Xero experience.

Walk away with a solid plan to ready your practice for the new year

With the new year approaching, the best time to think about reset and change is now. Learn how to place your trust in technology and use it to build even stronger relationships with your clients in the new year.

Tickets to Xero Roadshow Asia 2018 are free, and spaces are limited! Find more information about the venues and agenda here – and if you haven’t already, save yourself a spot now! Stay tuned – more updates will come!

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