Scrubbed is a multifaceted team of accountants, auditors, tax professionals and business advisers that share one mission: to provide world-class, technology-driven accounting and financial solutions that allow you to focus on building your business to greater heights. We do this by drawing on years of experience and expertly crafted standard procedures specifically tailored for your business.

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Gani Laguisma

Gani has over 30 years of accounting, auditing, and advisory experience with EY in the US and abroad, and as a former assurance and audit partner with OUM & Co. LLP.

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Mark Pineda

Mark has over 20 years of accounting, auditing, and consulting experience with EY in the US and abroad, with OUM & Co. LLP., and with Rockwood Capital LLC.

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Vince De Leon

Vince has over 15 years of experience providing accounting, operations, and technology advisory services to startups and publicly-traded companies.

Aira P.

Corporate Finance & Advisory

Brian C.

Manufacturing Companies

Iyrin G.

Mortgage Lending

Laurence R.

Social Enterprise & Tech

Redea R.

Professional Services

Anne C.

Social Finance

Denissa D.

Distribution & Family Office

Jessica C.

Enterprise & Entertainment

Leamsi T.

Real Estate & Biotech

Reina B.

Distribution & Family Office

Arian D.


Djoanne G.

Real Estate Companies

Joy M.

Technology & Services

Raiza A.

Tax Compliance & Tax Advisory

Rizza D.

External Audit Support

Arlene T.

Enterprise & Entertainment

Fred O.

FP&A and CFO Support

Julemm B.

SOX Internal Audit Support

Rafael D.

Transactions Services

Sherill D.

Manufacturing Companies