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Anne Cayaco

Social Finance Team Manager

Anne has over 10 years of working experience in the accounting field. She spent the last 5 years as Head of both Accounting and Budgeting Units of Philippine Health Insurance Corporation Region 3, a government-owned non-profit Corporation with a mission of providing quality health care for all, reaching the poorest of the poor and people from far-flung areas. She was the youngest member of the management committee and received awards/recognition from the corporation, nationwide, in accounting and budgeting. One of which was the budgeting process in her region which she presented and was adopted by all regional offices in the Philippines. She has also spent 2 years working as the Acting Chief Accountant of the Department of Budget and Management, also a government agency. Prior to government, Willieanne worked as Assistant Finance Manager for Ford Group, a huge car dealership. After graduating from college, Willieanne worked as an Internal Auditor for a year, then was chosen to work directly for the Chairman and CEO of the Group of Companies, to handle special audits and other projects such as systems migration and preparation of business proposals for expansions.

Anne loves to travel with her husband and son and believes that making memories with her loved ones are more valuable than any material things.

Anne holds a Bachelor Degree in Accountancy from Angeles University Foundation.

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