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From Roots to Legacy: Gani Laguisma’s Insights on Scrubbed Sustainable Vision



From Roots to Legacy: Gani Laguisma’s Insights on Scrubbed Sustainable Vision


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At the P&A Alumni Reconnect event on February 21, 2024, at the Makati Diamond Residences, Gani Laguisma, Co-Founder of Scrubbed, took the stage to share profound insights on ‘Building Sustainable Communities.’ His speech, resonating with gratitude and nostalgia, not only celebrated the roots of his professional journey but also shed light on Scrubbed’s mission to foster a sustainable future.

Gratitude and Nostalgia: A Journey Down Memory Lane

Gani expressed deep appreciation for the foundational role that P&A played in shaping the trajectories of countless professionals. He acknowledged the vision of BRP and JGA, the founders of P&A, for laying the groundwork 36 years ago.

Scrubbed’s Genesis: A Vision of Sustainable Impact

Reflecting on Scrubbed’s inception, Gani shared, “Twelve years ago, together with Mark Pineda, we founded Scrubbed with the mission of providing ‘world-class jobs and making a difference.’ Today, Scrubbed is a community of over 1,100 professionals, dedicated to fostering a better and more sustainable world.” The future legacy of Scrubbed is rooted in its commitment to “shared value,” aligning its commercial aspects with the organizational ethos of a sustainable social enterprise.

Embracing Sustainability at Scrubbed

Gani emphasized Scrubbed’s commitment to people, saying, “We embrace the enlightened concept that caring for various stakeholders and the planet results in a more sustainable business.” Initiatives such as aggressive profit sharing, stock-based compensation, and comprehensive benefits contribute to a positive work environment.

Social Capital and Environmental Stewardship

Highlighting Scrubbed’s social impact, Gani stated, “Through our Social Impact Committee, we run programs to support the less fortunate in our operating communities, attracting professionals who care about making a positive impact.” The firm actively engages in environmental programs, including tree planting and waste clean-up campaigns.

Partnerships with Clients for Social Impact

Scrubbed goes beyond delivering services and sharing its purpose with clients. Gani highlighted, “We take great pride in supporting organizations in the non-profit and social enterprise sectors, ensuring Scrubbed’s role in providing quality financial reports for consistent funding grants and donations.”

Storytelling for Change

Gani emphasized the power of storytelling in changing mindsets, stating, “At Scrubbed, we undertake to change mindsets and promote our organizational purpose through stories, anecdotes, and metaphors.” He touched on the importance of discovering purpose in every action, drawing inspiration from a Manila Cathedral reconstruction anecdote:

During the reconstruction of the Manila Cathedral in Intramuros after the devastation brought about by the Second World War, two Filipino masons were asked about their work. The first mason when asked, “What are you doing?” He simply replied, “I am cutting and laying stones”, The second mason, when asked “What are you doing?”, stood up and proudly said, “I am building a great cathedral”.

Gani closed by encouraging fellow P&A alumni to let their time at P&A continue inspiring them to do good for their communities. He reiterated that building sustainable communities is not only possible but also necessary.

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