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Frequently Asked Questions

Scrubbed is an outsourced professional services firm providing a complete suite of accounting, finance, tax, as well as professional support services for companies and firms all over the world. We are a passionate community of problem solvers who help businesses across the globe succeed and thrive. We are headquartered in San Francisco, California, with the main operations in the Philippines.

Currently, we almost have one thousand professionals at Scrubbed. Most of our team members have Big Four & Fortune 500 experience and have passed the rigorous Philippines’ certified public accountants exam. Our Founders have more than five decades of combined professional experience in the Philippines and the US.

Over the past ten years, from a single client, we have worked with almost 1,500 entities ranging from start-ups, high-growth companies, to the more established corporation. we have worked with companies across diverse a diverse range of industries like manufacturing and distribution, consumer products and retail, media & entertainment, real estate, professional and business services, biotechnology, clean technology, family office, and nonprofits. We also work with CPA firms, including top national firms in the US.

Scrubbed offers a seamless way to manage accounting and reporting requirements. We act as full back office support, and the solution is turnkey. What we offer is very scalable. We have small clients, like start-ups, where we do just the basic bookkeeping for them, then at the end of each month, we present them their financial reports. For some of our bigger clients, we have a dedicated person or accounting team for them performing the full accounting processes. We also place Controllers for some of our more sophisticated and larger clients.

The Scrubbed team of tax experts has gone through numerous busy seasons, supporting clients as their needs evolve. We prepare corporate and individual tax returns, sales and use tax, property tax, state and local registrations, and various tax studies. We also provide tax restructuring, planning, and advisory. Our tax team can provide support and advice at every stage of the tax cycle.

Scrubbed’s corporate finance support services encompass all vital CFO functions and extend to meaningful transaction advisory. Scrubbed finance professionals deliver services such as financial modeling, financial planning and analysis, financial forecasts and projections, cash budgeting tool preparation, pitch decks, and data visualization.

If your CPA firm is growing beyond your current capacity or if you need more resources to navigate the peak season, our service model helps manage resource fluctuations and augment your staffing. We provide resources for internal and external audit, transactions advisory, risk advisory, valuation, and technical accounting.

As your company evolves, you may encounter complex business transactions that may present opportunities. Treatment for these transactions requires a great deal of specialized knowledge, and our Technical Accounting Group can provide regulatory, taxation, and business process perspectives. Our team offers support with analysis and implementation as your business grows, or undergoing significant internal transformation.

The cost of our services varies with each client; some clients outsource only select parts of their accounting and finance functions, while others outsource everything. We work closely with each client to determine their needs and customize a package for them. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover the cost-effectiveness of Scrubbed services compared to having an in-house accounting and finance function. For a fraction of the cost, you get a team of experts working with you to achieve success.

At Scrubbed, we take security seriously. We have a combination of physical and IT security controls deployed to protect the network, help control access, and maintain the integrity of data residing on our systems. Scrubbed has also produced an SOC2 report. The SOC2 report is a visible testament to the rigorous operational controls and compliance measures that have always guided our work for our clients’ benefit.

The simple answer is right now. You should consider it immediately. The sooner you bring in experts to tackle any painpoints you may be having, the sooner we can resolve them. Transitioning to an outsourced model can be quick and seamless with the right provider. Our team is well-equipped to help you whenever you are ready. Contact us to request a consultation and we can start the conversation.

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