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HotSpot: How Our Services Thrive in The Time of COVID-19 Pandemic.

Hotspot about Pandemic


HotSpot: How Our Services Thrive in The Time of COVID-19 Pandemic.

Hotspot about Pandemic

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There are many lessons to be learned from the Covid-19 pandemic. Some are yet to be revealed and some are readily apparent. One of the clear takeaways is the need for businesses to have an effective strategy that allows them to cope with sudden and dramatic changes.  Companies need to be agile and resilient, particularly in their financial management processes. As we move forward to the new normal, companies are grappling with how to respond to the changes brought about by the coronavirus pandemic.

From the onset, Scrubbed has put processes and measures in place to function as a 100% virtual outsourced accounting firm. Even before the country imposed shelter in place orders, our team was prepared to work from home and provide exceptional service using cloud accounting systems.

We adopted the work from home model not only as a way to elevate our efficient and effective services, but also as a means of supporting work life balance. We did this by addressing three areas: our people, our processes, and our technologies.

Our people, through our customized trainings and continuous improvement, have adopted the cultural aspects of working remotely at home. When the shelter in place orders were announced, our team was able to maintain their stellar level of service without any downtime or learning curves. 

Our processes as embedded in workflows are designed to provide mobility and agility from one location to another. For example, even before the current market upheaval happened, we had mobile home office processes for the service teams already in place. This allowed our teams to support our clients with various business lines and revenue streams.

Our investment in technologies enabled our professional staff to work and communicate with our clients anytime and anywhere. Our professional staff uses laptops with wide screens rather than office desktops. Our use of cloud technologies is central to ensure information and data security.

As social distancing was mandated, we moved 100% of the work from the office to their respective homes smoothly and without any logistical issues.

The feedback from our clients during this disruptive marketplace shutdown has been overwhelmingly positive. They say that. Scrubbed not only exceeds basic service expectations, brings valuable business development insights, but also peace of mind with their ability and agility to provide continuous professional services without any downtime despite the market shutdown.