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Scrubbed Celebrates 10 Years by Honoring the Environment!

scrubbed team planting trees


Scrubbed Celebrates 10 Years by Honoring the Environment!

scrubbed team planting trees

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In 2022, Scrubbed proudly celebrates 10 years of providing high-quality accounting and finance services to companies around the world. One of the many ways we’re marking this momentous occasion is by engaging in more community service work than ever, including our recent iScrubbed: Earth-wise: Planting Hope project.  

On Saturday, May 21, lots of Scrubbees got up bright and early to plant more than 1,400 seedlings that will grow into trees and plants that help make our planet a healthier place. Our team planted approximately 705 fruit and non-bearing seedlings in each of two locations in the Philippines: the Sitio Target community in Angeles City, and Brgy. Camias in Porac.

Why 705 seedlings at each location? Because when we first planned our Planting Hope project, that’s how many Scrubbed employees we estimated would be working on our team by that date. (And we were right: Scrubbed now employs 700+ highly skilled, highly experienced professionals. Wow!)

Through just a few hours of work, this dedicated team made a long-term impact on two local communities and Planet Earth overall. Kuya Henry, a caretaker of the area in Sitio Target, expressed his sincere thanks for our efforts and promised that he and his friends would help care for these seedlings. And of course, we hope to check back from time to time to see how the fruits of our labor are progressing.

Fulfilling Our Mission, One Project at a Time

The Planting Hope project is one small step toward protecting our planet, at a time when scientists warn we don’t have much time to reverse the dangerous effects of climate change. 

It’s also one of many activities we’re undertaking this year as part of our iScrubbed: Earth-wise initiative. As a Scrubbed family, we hope our year-long Earth-wise activities improve awareness of critical environmental issues and help address them by preserving and using our resources more thoughtfully and efficiently. 

Giving back to the community in ways like this is vital to the Scrubbed mission and ingrained in our company DNA. We truly believe that “To whom much is given, much is required.”  It’s why engaging in community service is just as important as delivering high-quality services to our clients. And it’s why we focus on hiring professionals who are not only knowledgeable, talented, and experienced, but who also value giving of themselves in service to others. 

Watch for more news about future Scrubbed Social Impact Event (SIE) activities and other ways we plan to celebrate our 10th anniversary!