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Scrubbee Spotlight: Michelle Gagno

Featuring Michelle Gagno a Scrubbee leading the tax team - Scrubbeed


Scrubbee Spotlight: Michelle Gagno

Featuring Michelle Gagno a Scrubbee leading the tax team - Scrubbeed

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Get to know the talented, passionate team behind all the great work that Scrubbed does! 

Ensuring our clients handle their taxes properly and tackling all the complexity that involves is an important part of the work Scrubbed does for companies globally. And with Michelle Gagno leading our Tax Team, you can be sure it’s always done accurately, on time, and with a smile!

As the Scrubbed Tax Manager, Michelle enjoys helping clients address their tax issues effectively while building the skills and knowledge of our ever-growing Tax Team. 

“The most meaningful part of my work is providing assistance to our clients, helping them with their tax issues, working with their US-based tax managers, and learning from them,” she says. Michelle also finds it rewarding to share best practices with her fellow Scrubbees on the Tax Team, which encourages her to strive to learn something new every day.  

In the Office…

Michelle primarily works with a large professional CPA firm, dealing with mortgage banker and private lender tax returns and supporting the firm’s tax provisioning services. As she gained the client’s unwavering trust and became their trusted partner, it was no surprise that they asked Scrubbed to assign Michelle to their account full time.

“It makes me happy when they tell me how important I am and how I help them meet their goals,” she says. “I can see that they’re confident in my skills.” As the relationship has blossomed, Scrubbed has added more team members to the account to meet the client’s expanding and evolving needs.  

For Michelle, a true highlight of the partnership was traveling to the US to participate in training with one of the firm’s principals. “I was able to meet my clients, establish personal connections with them, and visit different places together,” she says. “The managers there think of me as an important member of their team.” 

The trip was also a great chance to visit with Scrubbed’s founders and enjoy a concert together. “It always makes me smile when I think of the fun times I had in the US with our clients and fellow Scrubbees,” Michelle notes.

When she isn’t busy supporting her CPA firm client, Michelle focuses on her other key responsibility: overseeing the learning and development of the Scrubbed Tax Team. From monitoring their continuing professional education (CPE) to scheduling workshops and training sessions, she helps Scrubbed maintain an environment of continuous learning. 

No matter what she’s working on, Michelle handles it with the utmost integrity and confidence. “I used to be very timid, but with the help of my fellow Scrubbees I am now more confident talking in public and very open to sharing feedback,” she says. She also strives to inject some fun into the traditionally stressful tax season, ensuring the team focuses on the positives no matter what the challenges. 

Outside of Work…

When the workday is done, you’ll find Michelle tending to her dogs or taking time out to plant in her garden. And when it’s time to really unwind, she tunes in to her favorite Korean TV drama or anime series.