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Scrubbee Spotlight: Reann Yandan

Reann Mae Yandan


Scrubbee Spotlight: Reann Yandan

Reann Mae Yandan

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Get to know the talented, passionate team behind all the great work that Scrubbed does!

Reann Mae Yandan is an accounting supervisor in our Social Enterprise group, a role that’s a natural fit for her values and talents.

“Helping nonprofits on the financial side, so they can focus on fulfilling their mission and creating impact, really gives me satisfaction and fulfillment,” Reann says. “I was born a compassionate person and always have a helping hand, and that tugs at my heart whenever I accomplish my duties as extended arms of my nonprofit clients.”

A CPA who began her career as an auditor, Reann yearned to put her CPA education and skills to much better use—and that drew her to Scrubbed. “I’ve learned so much by doing financial transactions and processes rather than just auditing them,” she says.

Reann got a great feel for Scrubbed during bootcamp: a unique way for Scrubbed and our new hires to ensure we’re the right fit for each other. “I especially enjoyed helping my team complete the client-related work,” she says. “Being the type of person I am, I had my first overtime experience during bootcamp because it would have haunted me to leave that task unfinished!”

In the Office…

Reann starts her day by responding to emails, ensuring she’s prepared for the day’s meetings, and giving a heartfelt “good morning” to her fellow Scrubbees to let them know she’s online.

Then she moves on to her daily activities: overseeing the work of the Social Enterprise team, reviewing incoming financials from our clients, prioritizing tasks, and keeping everything on schedule. Reann also helps produce the grant reports that provide nonprofit funders with assurance and position our clients to obtain future support from those organizations.

What Reann values most about the Scrubbed culture is the combination of integrity, challenge, and fun.

“Scrubbed has helped me nourish fairness in all aspects of my life, listen to both sides before concluding and making decisions, and always behave honorably,” she says. “It’s an environment that challenges us to constantly bring out the best in ourselves. At Scrubbed, I strive for high goals so that even if I don’t reach the moon, at least I will land on the stars!”

Reann also enjoys how Scrubbed brings associates together for fun and relaxation after a hard day’s work and loves the team’s always-positive energy. “Clients tell us our smiles brighten their day and they appreciate our kindness and graciousness in meeting their needs,” she says.

Outside of Work…

Reann is a big music lover who enjoys singing along with her favorite groups, including SB19. “Their songs like MaPa and Ikako really saved me during the pandemic,” she says. Reann also enjoys traveling and finds herself drawn to Boracay, Gigantes Island, Aurora, and other popular Philippine beach areas, along with destinations steeped in history like Bacolod and Zambales.

When she’s not traveling, you’ll find Reann at home watching her favorite TV and anime series, including the Turkish drama Kardeslerim, Attack on Titan, or lending a hand out in the community as part of the Scrubbed Social Impact Team.