9 Important Qualities of a Great Accountant


Accountants provide us with a lot of necessary services. Figuring out the latest tax laws being one of those great services. It's also great that they can help us save as much time and money as possible, as this can help our businesses plan for the future.

But not all accountants are built the same. Here are nine important qualities of an accountant that will help you save time, money, and effort.

1. Highly Organized

"Organization" is at the top of the list for great qualities of an accountant. They need to be so they can keep up with all the figures, data, and paperwork they have to deal with.

Without a good working system for finding the information they need, things are more likely to get lost. Important things like documents, and key facts and figures.


Good organizational skills are also about productivity. If you are dealing with a poorly organized accountant, you'll run the risk of not getting your information to you on time.

2. Attention To Detail

One of the qualities of a good accountant is a high attention to detail. Without this quality, important facts and figures may become inaccurate and erroneous.

You need your accountant to make sure he or she got all the numbers correct. Otherwise, you might end up paying more in taxes than you bargained on or worse, you'll be audited or penalized.

A lack of attention to detail also shows that the accountant is either lazy or doesn't really care about the quality of their work. And you're the one who pays the price for their lack of attention. If you think your accountant is making errors, hire another accountant to take a look at their work.

3. Excellent Time Management Skills

Good accountants manage their time well. Today's accountants play a more important role in companies as they contribute to strategic decision-making.

That means accountants are busier than ever. In order to handle so many additional tasks and perform their job well, they need to know how to manage their time effectively.

Also, you don't want to have to file for an extension because your accountant couldn't get their work done on time.

4. Adaptability

Our technology will continue to impact jobs. Those accountants who embrace change and adapt quickly will become valuable members of any organization.

Especially when it comes to adapting to new technology. Often, it can help them perform their jobs better and more easily.

A good accountant is willing and able to change with the times. Those who are stuck in the old way of doing things might find they are left out in the cold.

5. Great Communication Skills

Most of us are not exactly adept at understanding numbers. Especially when it comes to tax implications. We rely on our accountants to help us understand and make smart decisions.

However, many of us find that accounting personalities are sometimes lacking in good communication skills. We think of them as holed up in a room happily crunching numbers by themselves. Not all accountants are like that. The good accountants know how to communicate well and work as a member of a team.

If you're having difficulty communicating effectively with your accountant, find one who can and will communicate with you.

6. Strong Work Ethics

Choose an accountant who is ethical. Sometimes a business can get itself into a bit of a monetary bind. At this point, scared business owners sometimes feel their only strategy is to break the law.


Other times, a business owner simply doesn't realize what they are doing is illegal. After all "ignorance of the law excuses not" and "ignorance of the law excuses no one".


Finding a good accountant with strong work ethics and a high sense of integrity is imperative. Those with strong ethics and integrity are most likely to obey the rules.

7. Always Learning

The rules and laws of accounting are always changing. While it's important for an accountant to have a good grasp of the basics, it often can get behind the fast phase of their field and the industry you're in.

Part of knowing how to be a good accountant is realizing that an accountants education is never finished. They must strive to ensure they have a thorough understanding of the latest news and developments.

Good accountants must also be cognizant of the latest emerging trends in technology. Those who do not learn will not remain assets to any organization for very long.

8. Creative

By creative, we're not talking about figuring out how to "cook the books" so you end up paying less in taxes. No good accountant should ever consider helping you do that. Creative thinking is coming up with fresh solutions for your business. The right accountant recognizes each business is different.

Different solutions are required and certain businesses require special attention. If your accountant lacks the ability to think outside-the-box, they might be doing enough for your company but not what's best for your company.

9. Trustworthy

The information you share with your accountant is extremely confidential. If the wrong person got their hands on it, problems may arise. One of the accounting personalities to look for is trustworthiness. You need to be able to trust that your information is always confidential. You need to be able to trust that your information is always safe.

Find one with a great reputation and you'll be able to rest easy at night.

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