Enjoy Outstanding Expertise & Support

Outsource your accounting* and finance supporting roles so you can focus on your work as a CFO.

cfo support services team

Enjoy Outstanding Expertise & Support

Outsource your accounting and finance supporting roles so you can focus on your work as a CFO.

cfo support services team
Let us find and manage the CFO support team you need

How would you like to have the advantages of an experienced and knowledgeable internal accounting* and finance team without the challenges inherent in finding, hiring, managing, and training those employees? Scrubbed can bring the best of both worlds to your company.

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In today’s business environment where there is a huge shortage of talent, finding and keeping employees is difficult. Add to that the fact that the number of eligible candidates are on a steady decline, and you quickly realize this scarcity is not an issue that is going away any time soon. This is why outsourcing these positions to the experienced team at Scrubbed can be the best management decision you can make for our business.

By letting us find, hire, manage, and train your support staff, you can focus your time on higher level responsibilities that bring more value to your company. You will also gain efficiencies since your department will be working nearly 24 hours a day, and the tasks you assign at the end of your day will be accomplished by the time you return the next morning. Finally, the money you save by eliminating salaries, benefits, office costs, and training can be designated to other areas where it will have more impact.

Benefit from Your Partnership with Scrubbed
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Every company has times where staffing needs ebb and flow. With Scrubbed, you can add team members with specific expertise when needed to meet increased work demands.



Our model is built to absorb any turnover, so you feel no adverse effects from rare staff changes. We will continue meeting your needs by reassigning your work to other exceptionally qualified team members.

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By partnering with our global team of experts, you are in essence running a 24-hour shop, which increases your productivity level and deliver results more quickly.

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Our outsourced model is substantially less expensive than finding, hiring, managing, and training your own internal staff.

The CPA Firm's Guide to Outsourced Finance & Accounting*

If your CPA firm is growing beyond your current capacity or continually having trouble managing the busy season workload, download the CPA Firm’s Guide to Outsourced Finance and Accounting* for an insider’s look at best practices to scaling your firm, augmenting your staff, and maintaining quality service to your clients.

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Work with the Best Accounting* & Finance Team

Whether you are a small business that needs one or two full-time equivalents, or a large business what requires a full accounting* and finance team, we can meet your needs and grow as your needs expand. Trust us to provide:

Case Study: Scrubbed Helps a Metaverse Media Entertainment Company Achieve Oversubscribed $7 Million Fundraising Round

The partnership with Scrubbed enabled Hyperreal to obtain the finance expertise and support it needed for a successful capital raise, without investing scarce resources in hiring an in-house team. 

Scrubbed’s corporate finance experts continue to provide support even after the fundraising round has closed, adjusting the financial model monthly to reflect actual vs forecasted figures and ensure Hyperreal stays on track.   

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We invest in the most efficient and secure technology for our clients. This means you can rest easy knowing that your documents and financial information are accessible at any time and safeguarded with multiple layers of security.

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Want to learn more? Let’s chat about how we can help you increase efficiencies by taking on some of your accounting* and finance departments’ support functions so you can focus on running a successful business.