How does it work?

Simply said – you’ll give us your documents (receipts, bills, invoices, etc.), we do the work, then we deliver your financial statements.

Will I be booking my own transactions?

No. We are a full-service accounting services company, and we book your transactions for you. While we may need to clarify the nature of the transaction with you, we will be the one performing the task.

What do you mean by “Audit-Ready”?

Audit is primarily verification of information. We work very hard in pestering you to provide us all the backup documentation of all your financial transactions. We attach those documents with the accounting entry so that it will be quickly available for audit, should the need arise.

I’m not sure which package to get?

During your sign up process, you will answer a few questions that will identify which package is right for you.

What if I incorrectly answer the questions during sign up?

When we’re onboarding your account, we will make sure to reach out to you and place your account in the correct package.

Why are your services inexpensive?

Our offshore operations allows us to perform our services at a much lower cost than other accounting and bookkeeping firms.

Are your employees qualified accounting professionals?

We’re proud to say that all of our employees have completed their degree in accounting, and have gone through rigorous training, before they are given any clients. Our teams are setup similar to large accounting firms where proper management and oversight is observed at all times.

Are my documents safe and secure?

Your documents will be stored in Xero or in the Scrubbed App. Files in Xero will be fully encrypted (128-bit encryption), using geo-replication, in multiple data centers. Files in the Scrubbed App will be fully encrypted (256-bit SSL encryption) for content access, on Amazon AWS S3 data centres for the public cloud solutions, which are ISO27001, SAS70 & PCI certified. Bottom line, it is safe, secure, and always available.

Is there a limit to the number of times I get support?

Short Answer: No.

What accounting system do you use?

Our preferred platform is Xero. However, we have expertise in other accounting software systems, such as Quickbooks (both Desktop & Online), Microsoft Dynamics GP, Netsuite, and a few others.

What payroll system do you use?

Our preferred platform is Gusto. However, we have expertise in other payroll software systems, such as ADP and Paychex.

What manufacturing and inventory management system do you use?

Our preferred platform is Dear Systems. We found it to be the easiest yet most robust manufacturing and inventory management software available to small businesses.