Financial Expertise Nonprofits Need

Outsource your accounting to a team that understands the nuances and obligations of not-for-profit organizations.

NPO Team

Financial Expertise Nonprofits Need

Outsource your accounting to a team that understands the nuances and obligations of not-for-profit organizations.

NPO Team
Your organization has unique accounting needs

While most businesses are driven by a profit motive, nonprofits are motivated to fulfill a different mission. Whether your focus is on children, the environment, eradicating a disease, or countless other worthy causes, it does not lessen the need for timely bookkeeping, careful money management, and an understanding of your financial position. In fact, keeping a careful eye on your cash flow and expenses can be even more important.

Not just any accounting firm can provide you and your stakeholders with the information needed to run a successful organization. Nonprofits have no true ownership interests and receive significant donations from outside contributors expecting a societal reward rather than a financial one. Additionally, as a tax-exempt organization, maintaining transparency, ensuring your funds are used to support your mission, and meeting US GAAP requirements is important to maintaining that status.

Outsourced Accounting for Nonprofits

At Scrubbed, we love partnering with nonprofit organizations to provide them with the accounting and financial services they need to run as efficiently as possible. In fact, we can work closely with your CFO and serve as your accounting department, accurately tracking all transactions, streamlining processes, and preparing your financial statements so you can focus on running a successful organization. Depending on the needs of your organization, we can provide the following services:

Benefit from Your Partnership with Scrubbed
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Every organization has times where staffing needs ebb and flow. With Scrubbed, you can add team members with specific expertise when needed to meet increased demands.



Our model is built to absorb any turnover, so you feel no adverse effects when staff members leave.

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By partnering with our global team of experts, you are in essence running a 24-hour shop, increasing productivity, and allowing you to focus more time on your mission.

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Our outsourced model is substantially less expensive than finding, hiring, managing, and training your own internal staff.

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Passionate About Helping Nonprofits Realize Their Mission

The last few years have been difficult for everyone, but nonprofit organizations have been hit especially hard. According to GuideStar, nearly one-third of not-for-profits face cash reserve issues, making strategic and financial planning more important now than ever.

At Scrubbed, we understand the distinct issues nonprofits face and are committed to helping improve their financial health. We appreciate the importance of having accurate, up-to-date financials, so your leadership can make data-based decisions about new revenue generating programs and your organization’s future direction. With Scrubbed as your accounting partners, we can help you manage your accounting so you can always know where you stand financially, communicate it confidently to your donors, and encourage others to join in your mission to make the world – or simply your corner of it – a better place.

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