Expert Accounting Services for SaaS Companies

Outsource your accounting* and finance functions to professionals who understand the accounting complexities and nuances of SaaS businesses.


Expert Accounting Services for SaaS Companies

Outsource your accounting* and finance functions to professionals who understand the accounting complexities and nuances of SaaS businesses.

Your SaaS Business Has Unique Accounting and Finance Needs

Demand for cloud-based software on a subscription basis has skyrocketed, creating tremendous growth opportunities for SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) businesses. But along with that opportunity comes accounting complexities.

Saas Accounting

Since you retain possession of your software, and your customer never receives a physical product, determining when to recognize the revenue realized from your customer contracts is not straightforward. Likewise, recognizing expenses is equally complicated for a SaaS business, requiring you to determine which to amortize and which to recognize immediately. And if you do business in multiple states, you need to comply with a myriad of different sales tax laws.

To stay in compliance with relevant accounting standards and tax laws and ensure you report your financials properly—for investors, for bank covenants, and for your own purposes—you need to partner with professionals who understand the nuances of SaaS business accounting. That’s why many US-based SaaS companies with recurring revenue models turn to Scrubbed.
We have the deep knowledge and expertise to address SaaS accounting challenges, ensure you report accurate financials, satisfy your investors’ reporting requirements, and keep you in compliance with specialized accounting standards and tax laws that apply to SaaS businesses. 

Outsourced Accounting and Finance for SaaS Companies

SaaS businesses like yours turn to Scrubbed for accurate, high-quality accounting and finance services that enable them to plan, forecast, reduce risk, and grow. Our team is highly experienced in helping SaaS companies navigate the complexities of SaaS revenue and expense recognition, produce financials that satisfy investors and lenders, and develop budgets and forecasts that help you plan with confidence. The Scrubbed Accounting Group, Technical Accounting Group, Tax Group, and Corporate Advisory Group work together to take on your accounting and finance challenges, so you can focus on your core business: developing and delivering robust software that meets your customers’ needs.

While every Scrubbed engagement is unique, SaaS businesses typically rely on our outsourced accounting and finance professionals to provide services like the following:

Benefit from Your Partnership with Scrubbed



We know that SaaS companies need to focus their limited resources on software development, not accounting. The Scrubbed team can take on your entire accounting and finance function, handling the day-to-day accounting tasks and financial reporting as well as your strategic finance activities.     



Scrubbed understands the unique accounting and finance needs of SaaS businesses. We work with many SaaS companies, staying on top of the relevant standards and regulations to ensure they remain compliant and meet the financial reporting requirements of their investors, lenders, and other stakeholders.  

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Scrubbed’s proven, rigorous processes ensure that our team always provides the highest-quality accounting and finance services, delivered on time. You’ll work with professionals who truly understand the accounting needs and nuances of a SaaS business.

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Our outsourced model and flexible fee options reduce your costs without sacrificing quality. You’ll find it less expensive to contract with Scrubbed than to recruit, hire, train, and manage an internal accounting team—leaving more of your budget for software development and other core functions. 

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Passionate About Helping SaaS Companies Thrive

Scrubbed understands what it takes to start and grow a successful SaaS business and capitalize on the growing demand for software-as-a-service. Just like you, we began as a small group of dedicated professionals with a common vision about how to do things better. Ten years later, we employ close to around 1000 team members, all dedicated to providing the highest quality outsourced accounting and finance services to companies globally.

We’ve walked a mile in your shoes as a business founder, so we understand the challenge of juggling competing priorities like continually enhancing your SaaS offerings, growing the business, and attracting capital, all while you’re busy running the day-to-day operations. That’s why we’re so passionate about partnering with SaaS company founders who are ready for a new way to approach accounting and finance. With a highly experienced team working with SaaS companies and bringing an in-depth understanding of the uniqueness and complexities of SaaS accounting, Scrubbed is the right choice for your business.

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