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A helpful guide to outsourcing your Accounting & Finance

Outsourcing accounting


A helpful guide to outsourcing your Accounting & Finance

Outsourcing accounting

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Running a successful CPA firm is more challenging than ever. 

  • You need to hire the right talent at the right time—but attracting and retaining the best and brightest is increasingly tough in today’s tight labor market. 
  • You need to match your resources and capabilities to your workload—but the nature of your firm’s work means your needs fluctuate seasonally and as new business comes in. 
  • You want to scale your firm in a way that ensures steady growth—but you need to maintain high efficiency, high profitability, and strong service levels along the way.


To tackle those challenges and position their organizations to thrive, more and more CPA firms are choosing to outsource some of their accounting* and finance functions. By partnering with an experienced third-party provider of accounting* and finance services, many CPA firms are finding they can better match their capabilities and capacity to their evolving workloads, grow the business profitably, and deliver the high-quality service their clients expect. 

Before you consider outsourcing accounting* and finance functions to a third-party provider, it’s important to carefully assess whether this approach is right for you. 

To help you through that critical decision process, Scrubbed has created The CPA Firm’s Guide to Outsourced Finance & Accounting*. 

This comprehensive, practical guide walks you through the reasons and circumstances that typically drive CPA firms to outsource finance and accounting* tasks to an experienced provider. Whether you’re having trouble hiring talent with the skillsets and experience to match your needs, experiencing high turnover in the current job market, struggling to staff appropriately during peak periods, or looking for creative ways to meet the growing demand for accounting* services in a post-pandemic world, the outsourced model may be the right answer.

The CPA Firm’s Guide to Outsourced Finance & Accounting* also advises you on what to look for in a third-party partner and how to get started, using proven approaches that ensure the arrangement yields tangible benefits for your firm.

Download the guide now and learn how to tackle your operational challenges and meet your business goals more effectively through an outsourced finance and accounting* approach.