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Scrubbed at Elevate 2024: Staying Ahead of the Curve to Empower Nonprofits

Staying ahead of the curve to empower nonprofits


Scrubbed at Elevate 2024: Staying Ahead of the Curve to Empower Nonprofits

Staying ahead of the curve to empower nonprofits

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Two of Scrubbed’s managers, KV and Margie, who specialize in nonprofit businesses, recently had the opportunity to attend Elevate 2024, a conference tailored specifically for leaders within the social sector. Hosted by the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance, this annual event offers industry professionals the opportunity to learn, network, and explore the ever-changing landscape of nonprofit work.

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During the three-day conference, KV and Margie immersed themselves in some exciting breakout sessions and engaging panel discussions. The Nonprofit Leadership Alliance is committed to promoting sustainable growth and development within the social impact sphere, and the conference was organized along four tracks:

    • Building Strong Organizations
    • Fundraising Evolution: AI and Beyond
    • Putting People First
    • Changemaker Café

Topics covered included the integration of cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies into current and future practices, developing strategic approaches aimed at retaining and empowering professionals within the nonprofit sector, and strategies for success in rapidly changing and competitive fundraising environments. There were also opportunities to discuss important matters of community impact and how to manage and maximize the efficient use of resources judiciously.

Elevate 2024 aimed to provide thought-provoking and practical content that attendees can incorporate into their daily work. For KV and Margie, it served as an invaluable platform to gain insights from industry trailblazers and a unique insight into emerging trends shaping the nonprofit landscape. The conference was not just about acquiring knowledge; it was a transformative experience punctuated by compelling narratives of resilience, equity, and triumph over adversity. These narratives inspired KV and Margie to envision a future teeming with possibilities, where innovation and imagination serve as the catalysts for effecting meaningful change.

The knowledge and experiences gleaned from the conference will undoubtedly enrich the entire Professional Business Services (PBS) and Nonprofit Organization (NPO) team and enhance our ability to serve our nonprofit clients even more effectively.

How Scrubbed supports nonprofit organizations

At Scrubbed, we are passionate about helping you grow your mission. We can help streamline your processes, track your spending, and provide accurate reporting in line with your 501(c)3 status. With clear financial records, you have greater visibility into donor details, cash disbursements, and vital KPIs like how much you spend to raise each dollar donated. 

We can help prepare you for stress-free federal or state audits, provide essential documentation for board meetings, and generally take some of the hard work of managing nonprofit finances off your plate. 

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