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Scrubbed Joins Forces with MAGNET: A Strategic Partnership to Foster Growth and Enlightenment

Scrubbed Magnet Conference


Scrubbed Joins Forces with MAGNET: A Strategic Partnership to Foster Growth and Enlightenment

Scrubbed Magnet Conference

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We are thrilled to announce that Scrubbed is now a strategic partner of MAGNET (Marketing & Advertising Global Network), a renowned network bringing together the world’s leading independent advertising agencies.

This partnership aligns us with a community that is dedicated to fostering industry solutions for member agencies and their clients’ brands, as we collectively examine industry trends and architect future business plans.

Laurence Ruelo, Scrubbed Director of Finance, expressed his enthusiasm about this partnership, “Joining forces with MAGNET Global Network marks a pivotal moment in our journey. This partnership opens up avenues for collaborative growth and learning. It allows us to bring our expertise in providing complete accounting and advisory support to a wider audience, while also enriching our own understanding through interactions with industry leaders globally. We are eager to leverage this partnership to foster innovation and drive success for our clients and the broader industry.”

In the landscape of the marketing sector, Scrubbed stands as a reliable partner, offering tailored accounting and advisory support. Our deep understanding of the financial and operational challenges that marketing services businesses face in this time of rapid change allows us to deliver solutions that are both innovative and grounded in industry-specific expertise.

Whether it is managing complex revenue streams, navigating evolving tax laws, or leveling up data visualization reporting and dashboards, we are equipped to help marketing firms stay ahead of the curve. Our services free marketing teams to focus on what they do best — serving their clients and growing their business — while we take care of the accounting and financial intricacies.

As we step into this exciting new chapter, we are eager to immerse ourselves in the opportunities this partnership presents. We look forward to engaging with industry leaders, sharing knowledge, and working together to shape the future of the advertising industry.

We invite you to stay tuned for updates on this partnership and to explore how Scrubbed can support your business. To learn more about our services, schedule a consultation with us.

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