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Key Takeaways from the SaaS Con PH: Connecting Founders, Enterprises, and Investors

SaaS Con Ph with Scrubbed


Key Takeaways from the SaaS Con PH: Connecting Founders, Enterprises, and Investors

SaaS Con Ph with Scrubbed

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As part of the Scrubbed team, I had the privilege of attending the inaugural SaaS Con PH, an exceptional event that marked the first-ever SaaS conference in the Philippines. Alongside my colleagues, including Joy, Gale, and KV, we seized the opportunity to immerse ourselves in this gathering of SaaS industry leaders and investors alike.

The SaaS Con PH aimed to foster connections and facilitate meaningful discussions among SaaS founders, enterprises, and investors. The event featured notable speakers, including Lisa Gokongwei-Cheng, Senior Vice President of Digital Transformation and Corporate Services at JG Summit Holdings; Jaime Alfonso Zobel de Ayala, Head of Business Development & Digital Transformation at Ayala Corporation; esteemed venture capitalists Paulo Campos, founder of Zalora and Kaya Founders; and Paul Santos, Managing Partner at Wavemaker Partners. RJ Ledesma, Co-Founder of Mercato Centrale and Editor-in-Chief of The Business Manual, was also present, among others.

SaaScon PH 2023 - Scrubbed

As we look back on our participation, here are the noteworthy insights from the conference:

1.    SaaS adoption is crucial for the growth of the region’s technology sector, and it can benefit startups, enterprises, and investors.

2.    Digital transformation is a key driver of technology adoption and innovation, and the Philippine government is supporting startups through programs such as the Startup Acceleration Program and the Digital Transformation Centers.

3.    The global state of SaaS is still booming. Worldwide market is projected to reach $261 Billion by 2027. The growth is driven by an increase in adoption, expansion of use cases, and higher usage intensity.

4.    Generative AI is the fourth industrial revolution. There’s a buzz around the topic of AI lately. Some of the best use cases for AI are in education, improving productivity, customer service and cross-selling/up-selling.

5.    Digitization and digital transformation are critical for businesses to remain competitive, and companies like the Gokongwei Group are using technology and customer-centricity to drive growth.

6.    Understanding customer pain points and consumerism is key to building successful SaaS businesses, and startups should focus on creating products that provide more value than any other alternatives in the market.

7.    There is an abundance of talent in the Philippines to support SaaS businesses, and founders should focus on building sustainable platforms and ecosystems.

8.    Startups need to fight for their reasons to exist and prove that they provide more value than any other alternatives in the market. In a highly competitive landscape like the Philippines, startups need to differentiate themselves by offering something unique or valuable that other businesses cannot match.

9.    Scrubbed is in a great position to help develop and grow the SaaS industry in the Philippines. We are serving clients in developed nations and we are in an advantageous position to know what technologies are in and are coming before they even become hot trends in the region. We can use that knowledge to find solutions for problems unique to our country.

The first SaaS Con PH left a lasting impression on us, igniting our passion for the SaaS industry and reinforcing our commitment to driving innovation and growth in this dynamic sector. We eagerly anticipate future conferences and the continued advancement of the SaaS community in the Philippines.

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