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Spotlight: How Scrubbed is Helping Its Local Farmers Grow

Giving Together, Growing Together


Spotlight: How Scrubbed is Helping Its Local Farmers Grow

Giving Together, Growing Together

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Social responsibility is at the heart of the Scrubbed mission and part of the fabric of our company. We demonstrate that responsibility in many ways, year-round, including our semi-annual work with a local farmer’s cooperative.

When rice farmers in the Philippines sell through traders, of course they receive compensation for the sale—but not as much as they would if they sold to consumers directly. To help them earn more on what they grow, Scrubbed devised a program that benefits both the local farmers and the broader community.

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Better Yields = Even More Profit

Beyond the immediate benefits of earning market price on their rice, the farmer’s cooperative is seeing ripple effects from this program. 

With a higher share of the purchase price going straight to farmers, they now have more funds to invest in irrigating their crops. That can result in a higher crop yield, which allows the farmers to earn even more than they could otherwise.  It’s an economic cycle that continues to pay dividends.  

Give One. Get One.

In keeping with our mission, Scrubbed encourages our team to pay it forward by sharing half of their rice subsidy with others in the community. When our Scrubbees “give one and get one,” they demonstrate our community focus and tradition of giving.

Sharing some of our prosperity is central to what we believe in at Scrubbed! It’s also a great way to attract and retain not only the most talented and experienced accounting and finance professionals, but enlightened people who share our passion for giving back to the community. 

Eventually, we hope this small rice subsidy program expands in ways that ultimately benefit the planet, too. The higher the volume of rice we buy directly from farmers, the more we can influence them to grow using organic methods that have a positive ecological impact.